We are Archigreen

Arch. Laura Bertelloni

Albert Heinsten said that the problem today is not nuclear energy but the heart of man.The world is a fine place and worth fighting for it. And it is true because man and nature are one. If you do not preserve the one you do not save even the other. And Archigreen.it is young. Has […]

Arch. Roberto Romeo

I am Roberto Romeo, 32 years old, graduated in Architecture and I have a master’s degree in “Project of the public space”. My destiny has been marked since childhood because i built houses with my Lego.Now my studio is in Sarzana where I practice as a freelance architect. My idea of architecture is suggested by […]

Arch. Cinzia Pucciarelli

ARCHIGREEN.it promotes a new kind of architecture that makes research of materials, energy saving and made in Italy design its main feature. ARCHIGREEN.it is living eco-chic.

Arch. Elisa Gramolazzo

Elisa Gramolazzo, architect. I graduate in Genoa in 2006 and has since collaborated with various firms. I think about Archigreen.it as a funny workshop and as a stimulating exchange of ideas; a place where you meet thoughts, abilities and different professionals, from which the contamination arise experimental projects, understood as research, development, and awareness.

Clizia Cani

Clizia Cani – Graphic Operator – cliziacani@gmail.com

Emanuele Scitarelli

Emanuele Scitarelli – Multimedia Design Expert – scitarelliemanuele@gmail.com

Jessica Riccardi

Jessica Riccardi –  Illustrator Advertising – info@jessicariccardi.com – www.jessicariccardi.com  

Michele Fontanesi

Michele Fontanesi  – surveyor –  expert in land registry and various building projects – phone n° 3494570507  –  michele.bro@hotmail.it

Antonio Chiostro

Antonio Chiostro  – surveyor –  solid experience in land registry and various building projects –antoniochiostro@gmail.com

Arch. Isabella Torniai

‘Walking means being open to the world’ (David Le Breton-The world on foot). Walking helps to think, to formulate ideas. Walking means to know , to get in touch with others , participate, contact the future. Is not always necessary to move to make this experience, sometimes simply share your ideas. Arch. Isabella Torniai – […]