Seminary “The Humidity Ascent”

SEMINARIO aquapolARCHIGREEN.IT is a new non-profit association that was founded in Sarzana with the ambition to be soon known in the domestic.


The purpose of are promoting the image of the young Italian architects and support for a new architectural culture, in line with the principles of sustainability.
The Association wants to address the crucial issues of building healthy and lasting, of the energy efficiency, the preservation of natural and historic italian landscapes, the Italian architectural and artistic beauties, and their promotion in the world.

archigreen_seminario_umidita_06But in particular wants to characterize itself for effectively promote the work among young architects with the support of experienced professionals in the various technical disciplines. The founders’ mission – says the new president, the architect Vito Cani – is to create jobs through new contacts and opportunities provided by the’s Media Partners. In this moment of general economic crisis we want to throw a message of optimism to young engineers who are looking for work. The founding members are mostly young local architects: Laura Bertelloni, Cinzia Pucciarelli, Elisa Gramolazzo and Roberto Romeo.

archigreen_seminario_umidita_01The official inauguration of the association will be Friday, November 20 at 10 am at the Hall of the Municipal Council of Sarzana, on the occasion of technical seminar with the theme “Rising damp in buildings. The definitive healing technology for masonry.” The meeting was scheduled by the Association with the patronage of the ‘Department of Public Works of the City of Sarzana’ and Confartigianato.
All citizens, businesses and professionals are welcome – said the president Cani – to attend the seminar and to celebrate with a drink the birth of
We also remember that another important public initiative of the Association is scheduled for Spring 2016, with an event of national importance always in Sarzana.
Sarzana, November 10, 2015