Work in Progress

Our activities planned for 2016 are wide,
with the date “a brevis” to be established, in the first half of 2016 we’ll be the organizers, with the help of some Partners, of the first “Italian Bioplastics Design Award” to promote among young people the use of the most widely used material in the world, “the plastic “, but in the “biodegradable” and “created by Nature” style. The location will be announced at the opening of subscriptions. The Event Claim? “Think For Nature, Use Bio-Plastic“. Registration will be open to the developer event’s website
Opening of registration from 7 January 2016.
For the social purposes of the event, the competitors will be the young, and also those wanting to share the “mission” of Of course Architects, Engineers, Surveyors and professionals of Design. There are no limits of age: that’s the way we like this.

For fall 2016 we are working in partnership with the Hall of Assago, at the Conference “Jobs and renewable energy” with the aim of providing young people guidance on new revenue opportunities, and employment in the sector of remewable sources’energies.
Our purpose is to allocate a portion of the income from sponsors and event’s inscriptions in support of the work of Caritas canteen in Milan.

By the end of 2016 at the Conference Hall of the Chamber of Deputies in Rome the is scheduled the “Construction and sustainable employment” conference. The point with prominent guests on what has been the evolution of the last three years in the real estate market in the area of green building and employment forecasts for the future.